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In vitro Macro-qualitative Comparison of Three Enamel Stripping Procedures: What is the Best Shape We can get?

  • Mona N Gholmieh
  • 2.
    Evaluation of the Relevance of Piaget's Cognitive Principles among Parented and Orphan Children in Belagavi City, Karnataka, India: A Comparative Study

  • Pratibha Kukreja

  • Harsha G Assudani
  • 3.
    Conscious Sedation with Nitrous Oxide to control Stress during Dental Treatment in Patients with Cerebral Palsy: An Experimental Clinical Trial

  • Fernando M Baeder

  • Daniel F Silva furtado.ds@gmail.com

  • Ana CL de Albuquerque

  • Maria TBR Santos
  • 4.
    Is Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block Sufficient for Routine Dental Treatment in 4- to 6-year-old Children?

  • Milad Ghanizadeh

  • Maryam Pourkazemi Maryampourkazemi95@gmail.com

  • Sanaz Sheykhgermchi
  • 5.
    Impacted Lower Second Permanent Molars at the Ramus and Coronoid Process: A New Clinical Symptom of the WNT10A Mutation in Ectodermal Dysplasia

  • Samia Aboujaoude
  • 6.
    Acrylic Planas Direct Tracks for Anterior Crossbite Correction in Primary Dentition

  • Ashwin Devasya ashwindkumbla@gmail.com

  • Naveen K Ramagoni

  • Mahantesh Taranath

  • Kamavaram EV Prasad

  • Mythri Sarpangala
  • 7.
    Insulin Syringe: A Gimmick in Pediatric Dentistry

  • Chanchal Singh ,BirthRight by Rainbow Hospitals, New Delhi, India, Senior Consultant, Department of Fetal Medicine, Madhukar Rainbow Children’s Hospital, New Delhi, India, Lead Consultant, Department of Fetal Medicine,

  • Gurpreet Kour gurpreetbali30@gmail.com

  • Updesh Masih

  • Priti Yadav
  • 8.
    Management of Mandibular Angle Fracture in a 9-year-old with Miniplate and Monocortical Screws: A Clinical Challenge

  • Karthik Shunmugavelu drkarthiks1981@gmail.com

  • Kumaravel Subramaniam
  • 9.
    Clinical Evaluation of Bond Failures and Survival of Mandibular Canine-to-canine Bonded Retainers during a 12-year Time Span

  • 10.
    Complete Overlay Denture for Pedodontic Patient with Severe Dentinogenesis Imperfecta

  • Suresh Rupesh
  • 11.
    Effect of Magnetized Water Mouthrinse on Streptococcus mutans in Plaque and Saliva in Children: An in vivo Study

  • Anil K Goyal goyaldr_anil@yahoo.co.in

  • Mamta Garg

  • Abhishek Khairwa
  • 12.
    Reinforcing Effects of Calcium Silicate-based Cement and Dual Cure Composite Resin in Simulated Immature Teeth with an Open Apex: An in vitro Study

  • Murtuza S Zhabuawala e-mail:murtuza_dentist@yahoo.com
  • 13.
    Behavior of Lebanese Pediatricians regarding Children's Oral Health

  • Riad Bacho
  • 14.
    Comparison of Oral Health Status and Knowledge on Oral Health in Two Age Groups of Schoolchildren: A Cross-sectional Study

  • PR Geethapriya drgppedo@gmail.com

  • D Kandaswamy
  • 15.
    Evaluation of Knowledge, Awareness, and Occurrence of Dental Injuries in Participant Children during Sports in New Delhi: A Pilot Study

  • Puneet Kumar ,Kumar Child Clinic, New Delhi, India, Owner-Consultant, Kumar Child Clinic, Dwarka, New Delhi, India, Consultant,
  • 16.
    Propolis: A Smart Supplement for an Intracanal Medicament

  • Alok Avinash

  • Harsha Munot

  • Rashmi Baranwal rashmibaranwal@hotmail.com

  • Vijay Duggi

  • Alok Dubey

  • Sulabh Pagaria

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