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Assessment of Four Obturation Methods in Deciduous Teeth Using Digital Radiography: An In Vivo Study

Srikanth S Raju, Rajendra E Reddy, Thabitha S Rani, Kiranmayi Merum, Srujana P Mudusu, Ajay M Tulluru

Keywords : Deciduous teeth, Obturation techniques, Quality of obturation, Vista scan, Voids

Citation Information :

DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10005-2132

License: CC BY-NC 4.0

Published Online: 28-02-2022

Copyright Statement:  Copyright © 2022; The Author(s).


Aim and objective: This study was carried out to comparatively assess the efficiency of four methods of obturation viz Lentulo spiral, Navi tip syringe, Bi directional spiral, and Past inject carrier in deciduous teeth using vista scan. Materials and methods: A total sample of 100 primary root canals [4 groups of 25 canals each] with 2/3rd of root length were selected and randomly allocated into four different obturating techniques, i.e., Group I: Lentulo spiral, Group II: Navi tip syringe, Group III: Bi directional spiral, and Group IV: Past inject carrier. The quality of obturation [Coll and sadrain, 1996] and presence or absence of voids were evaluated by using Vista scan. The recorded data was statistically analyzed. Results: The highest mean rank value of optimally filled canals was obtained by Group IV [58.00] followed by Group I [50.00] with no significant difference. The highest mean rank value of under filled canals and over filled canals were obtained by Group III and Group II, respectively, and these results were statistically significant. All the four obturation techniques showed presence of voids with no significant difference. Conclusion: Both Lentulo spiral and Past inject carrier were equally efficient in attaining an optimally filled homogenous obturation in deciduous teeth.

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